Women In Sports

Gender equality and Sports:
Gender equality is men and women boys and girls having the same rights and being able to do the same things. This does not happen but is getting better. Girls and women are still suffering of discrimination and violence but what about sports.

The history of women in sports (Form):
The Women's NBA started on April 24, 1996 and NBA started on November 1, 1946 meaning men got to play much earlier than women so people didn’t care about women in till then. The average salary in the WNBA starts at around $50,000 and caps at $110,000. By comparison, the starting salary for the NBA is about $560,000, according to published reports.

The American women soccer team argued that they didn’t get paid the same as the men and didn't get the same benefits even though they were better published by huffpost .
Both girls and boys reported being teased by same-sex peers, but in addition, also reported being teased by opposite-sex peers according to NCBI.

The reasons boys or men exclude girls or women from playing basketball:
Some males do not think that females are not good enough, males also think that females are weak and not strong enough to play sports.

People perspectives about females playing sports (Perspectives):
People think females are not good enough to play sports and they are not meant to play sport. Some people think that females are strong and they can play but not everyone People think females do more like ballet than playing sports.  

The causation of excluding  girls and women from playing sports (Causation):
Men and boys don’t think girls are strong or good enough to play. One other  reasons is because they don't see them on tv that much.

Some results of people’s perspective in the survey that got sent out:
What do you think about girls and women playing sport?

  • I think everyone should have a chance to play   
  • I think that it is important for us to encourage and promote equality of gender within all sports. Talent and work ethic can come from both genders and both genders have the ability to perform at high levels and neither is better or worse than the other.
  • I think it's just like when guys play sports, but unfortunately, there is more of a stigma around females being active.
  • I think that they are as good as boys some are even better and that it doesn't matter what gender you are both are good.

this is my information report it took us four days to do the research was hard but the rest was easy


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